Video Editing Services

I offer video recording and video analysis services for strokes using sports editing software. In these videos you hit for approximately 20 minutes, while I set the camera up from multiple angles to capture your stroke of choice. I then go in, edit the film frame by frame for multiple shots to pinpoint your weaknesses, and also, your strengths. With these videos I hope to inform you on what you need to work on in order to eliminate the errors from your stroke.  This service includes a

BLU-RAY copy of your raw footage and edited footage

and/or a USB Drive with the footage digitized. The USB version is $15 dollars and the Blu-Ray is $10, and both are 25 dollars.

The price of editing and writing the essay analysis of your stroke is $50

An optional lesson to work on correcting those errors following taping is discounted to $40

Below are still image samples taken from the video that I shot of one of my clients.

The Benefits

  • You have a hard copy of what your stroke looked like so you can later go back and see how you have improved.

  • When we see ourselves we often can feel a stroke out differently during play.

Taping Matches

One other thing I will do is tape practice matches of let’s say, you and your doubles partner, and I can upload the entirety of that onto blu-ray for you to later watch at your leisure. I will provide instruction at your request during the match, and I will also do a write-up of strengths and weaknesses.

This is priced at a simple $30 because I will not be editing the entirety of that with a fine-tooth comb, but making more generalized comments on form and errors as they appear, while pinpointing on strategy and court awareness IQ during the match.

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