Who Is Jacqueline C. Faulk?

I am a PTR certified tennis coach. I have been playing tennis in the Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte area since I was nine years old. I started my career as a competitive tennis player at the age of 10 in USTA tournaments, having it all culminate in NCAA Division I play at Stetson University. Tennis is something that I want to share with others by means of affordability, and with a passion that is just as bright as the first day I set foot on court at nine.

Coaching Style

I believe in paying a particular amount of focus to structure and mechanics. Strokes are a fine-tuned machine, and a single error in the structure can cause them to crumble like a faulty building. A player might repeatedly tell themselves to quit rolling over the ball, but not realize they must first address their grip or contact point. My job is to get to the nexus of the issue at hand. It is my job to find that fault. One area in particular that I believe is overlooked at times is footwork, which is an absolutely critical element to any player that wishes to advance above their current level, and why I dedicate a specific amount of my time training my clients with footwork drills I practiced in college.  I am always looking at ways in which I can better myself as a coach, be that training seminars or reading books. Just as a student can never achieve perfection, neither too, can a coach.

It is also my goal to know HOW my clients are doing, and will gladly come to watch their match against an opposing team or at their tournament, to better understand the errors they are making during critical  moments to best structure their next lesson.  This is free of charge because I believe it is every coach’s duty to know the performance of their students.

Pricing & Lesson Structure

Lessons are priced at $60 for an hour, or buy 5, get 1 free.  Each lesson starts by me asking you how your week was, what you struggled with, what you excelled at, and if applicable, have you implemented any skills that I taught you. I believe it is important to tailor each lesson to each problem that arises, while also learning additional skills. While, in example, ten lessons may be spent on the mastery of top-spin and constructing a stroke that is optimal for top-spin, I believe it is important to take into account everyone’s own self-assessment of themselves, and I consider each lesson as not just being run by me, but by you as well, and I make sure to spend a portion of each lesson dedicated to making your game-play advance not just in the long-term, but the short-term as well.

A typical lesson will be spent, if applicable, building on a technically sound foundation that I believe is crucial to have and that we will build during your time with me, while also focusing on any immediate needs. that arise.

Half hour lessons are $30 each and provide enough time to practice one skill in full detail, whereas in an hour there is time to generally make it through two.

Hitting sessions without instruction during them  are priced at $35 for half an hour, and $60 for an hour. These lessons are designed for the  player who wants to get a feel for match-play.  Instruction will come after play and I will give an analysis of what your weaknesses and strengths are, and how we may correct those weaknesses in a lesson.

If your family is part of the SNAP program, and you find yourself unable to pay these prices, please speak to me in private, and we will try to find a price that works for you.

What I hope you will achieve:

What I hope you will have achieved in your time on court with me is not only that you will have learned something new, but that you will have begun to understand how to incorporate that something new into the practical situations of a match. It is one thing to have the knowledge, it is another thing to know when to implement that knowledge during match play.

E-Gift Cards and Referral Program

Buy a Buy 5, Get 1 Free E-Gift Card for someone special, and get a free one hour lesson yourself!

Refer someone to my business and receive a free 1/2 hour lesson or a 1/2 off hour lesson!

If you would like to know more….

Feel free to call me at 941-626-7326. If I don’t pick up just leave a message and I will get back to you as quickly as I can. I look forward to working with you or your child. Thank you.

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